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Hello, my name is Anton, and my team and I create mobile apps using modern No-code tools, we help you implement your ideas into the product, launch new features and develop them.

Our team helps not only startups, but anyone who is really interested in developing their business and wants to reduce risks in app development.

Why choose No-code


As opposed to developing a regular app starting at $30,000, creating a No-code app will be 5 times cheaper, costing from $5,000 to $10,000


Normal development takes 4 months or more. Using No-code technology, you can do it in 2-3 weeks, which is 4 times faster.


Modern No-code technology allows not only to create complex products, but also to automate basic processes by creating useful links between them.

The secret of success lies in the MVP

An MVP is a minimally viable product with enough functionality to attract users and test your hypotheses in practice.

In simple terms, it's a way to test an application with a minimal budget before launching the final product.

MVP development will help you to understand the correctness of the chosen direction and refuse from unprofitable strategy without large investments.

MVP helps enter to the market as quickly as possible and check how your product will be interesting and convenient for the user. This approach is considered the most effective.

Order an MVP and
get support as a GIFT

Who needs
an app

What we offer

Launch MVP

Testing hypotheses and ideas. Ideal for a quick start with a limited budget:

Let's develop an MVP

Launch the product

Prepare for the load


$ 5,000


A full-fledged mobile application for your business that can work and bring profit:

Let's develop an app

Publish on the App Store

Publish on Google Play


$ 10,000


Want to show off your app to millions or attract real users?

Prepare a strategy

Let's run ads

We will lead and improve


$ 2,000


For your product to prove itself, and you get a return - we are engaged in support:

User behavior analysis

Product optimization

Technical support


$ 1,000

Creating a website

The website is the face of the company, it solves business problems: from increasing sales to creating a strong brand.

Modern design

Marketing shell

It sets you apart from your competitors


$ 4,000


Do you still have questions and want to get answers in a pleasant conversation with a specialist?

Let's call or arrange a Zoom meeting with a cup of coffee

We will discuss all possible options for mutually beneficial cooperation



Our latest projects


A mobile app that contains the best training courses for anyone who wants to learn more.  3,000 courses in all areas, for all ages


A professional community of psychics, fortune tellers, astrologers, psychologists, numerologists and tarologists who contact clients directly for advice.


The application is a guide to recycling. We made a map with garbage drop-off points, a guide to the types of garbage and the appropriate type of recycling, implemented "storis" with useful information and tips, a calendar with upcoming events

Domain Renewal

The app reminds you about domain renewal so you don't lose your desired website name, and also allows you to structure all domains and hosting services for users

How we work


We discuss your idea, research the product, analyze the market and functionality

Writing the ToR

Define your goals, outline the steps, and make a plan for the development of your future app


We draw a coordinated product design, work through all the details and take into account your wishes


Build a working prototype and let you preview the app on your device


Publish the finished application in the App Store and Google Play. Set up the necessary integrations


After the launch, we do not give up, but maintain the product, conduct testing and fix bugs

We can definitely help you

Have an interesting idea but no reliable team to test it?

Do you want to understand whether your product or service will be in demand in the market?

Are you planning to launch a new direction in your company or create a startup?

We develop a mobile app
Four times faster and 80% cheaper

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